White-Hat Private Blog Network (PBN) for Guaranteed Results!

A Private Blog Network (PBN) is a network of websites/blogs with high-quality content which will give value to the readers. A PBN can generate revenue from multiple streams.


  1. A PBN can help you create hundreds of high-quality links for your money site, and your money site will rank high in SERPs.
  2. A PBN can generate revenue from Adsense and Affiliate programs (Amazon, eBay & CPA etc).
  3. You may sell “PBN links” in Warrior Forum and other marketplaces (Fiverr etc).
  4. PBN is self-updating and fully automated, and hence you do not need time to manage/maintain it.
  5. You may have a PBN on the topic of your passion/hobby and make it a profitable venture by listing related products/services for sale.

As you may know, there are still a plenty of avenues to start your own online business and live peacefully with a recurring passive income. Earlier people made quick money by creating hundreds of slim, ugly and junk websites with full of keywords and Exact Match Domains. Google pulled the trigger and killed almost all of those useless sites. Now if you want to make money with a Blog or Website, it should be an Authority Site. Authority sites are nothing but websites/blogs which have plenty of useful content which will give value to the readers. A good example for authority site is LawZing.com on the legal niche. Google, as well as Readers, love these Authority websites as they are useful and give value to the readers. Google doesn’t like Junk websites and sites filled with Adsense ads (Created for the purpose of Adsense alone). There are several profitable niches to choose from and the avenues are limitless. 4WeeksPregnantSymptoms.com is a website on Health Niche and Pregnancy Sub-Niche. Apart from Adsense, there are plenty of ways to make money with an Authority Blog/Website. You may choose to sell products/offer services related to that niche. For example, lawctopus.com offers a course on blogging and various services/products. They also sell Advertisement spots and charge a fee to keep the posts on top.

All our PBN sites are Authority Sites/Blogs and come with Funnel (email marketing), Social Media Marketing and SEO. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to own your own Private Blog Network! It starts from Just $299…

All our packages include:

  1. Premium Brand name/Domain name:  Keyword rich, premium, brandable business name with matching domain name.
  2. All our websites are fully automated online businesses
  3. 1 Full Year Hosting Included
  4. 24/7 Support (Skype, WhatsApp, Phone, and email)
  5. Premium Theme, Plugins, and Tools
  6. You will get free updates and new services as and when available
  7. You will have complete control over your online business
  8. You may add and sell any other related products or services
  9. Regular updates on new traffic methods and techniques

Premium Package

$99999One Time
  • Established PBN with 10 Authority Blog/Site
  • 10 Premium, Brandable Domains
  • World Class Hosting
  • High Quality, Premium Content
  • Premium Theme & Plugins
  • Premium Design, Logo & Graphics
  • E-mail Marketing Funnel Set-Up
  • SEO & Social Media Marketing
  • Custom designed Facebook, Twitter & Social Media accounts
  • Auto-Responder Set-up
  • Action Plan

Choose from our Packages and get maximum benefits!


$29999One Time
  • 10 Domains
  • Hosting
  • Premium Theme & Plugins
  • Basic Content
  • 1 Update per month


$39999One Time
  • 10 Premium Domains
  • Hosting
  • Premium Theme & Plugins
  • Readable Content
  • 2 Updates per month


$49999One Time
  • 10 Premium Domains
  • Hosting
  • Premium Theme & Plugins
  • High Quality Content
  • 4 Updates per month


$79999One Time
  • 10 Aged Domains
  • Hosting
  • Premium Theme & Plugins
  • Premium Content
  • 8 Update per month

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