Case Study 1: LawZing.com

/Case Study 1: LawZing.com

Project Description

Project Brief

Law Zing is a passionate website on Law which is designed to be useful for each and everyone. LawZing provides users with the latest updates from Law School News to Supreme Court Judgements. The law can be amended, but justice remains the same. Law Zing is to Keep Justice Alive!


Post Structure

Creative and Elegant Designs


a) Choosing a name for the Authority Website and Domain. b) Planning the Topics and Structure. c) Choosing appropriate Theme, Plugins and specific functionalities using tools. d) Developing the Authority website with creativity, e) Adding contents, f) Testing the website rigorously, g) Adding legal pages (Privacy Policy, Terms of Service etc) as required by law  h) Applying for Google Adsense, i) Adding the Google Adsense, j) Drafting a marketing plan (SEO and Social Media Marketing),  k) Checking the website and marketing plan for Legal Compliance by a Legal Professional, l) Executing the marketing plan and m) Delivery of Website

Project Planning 100%
Developing 92%
Content Creation 90%
SEO & Social Media Marketing 87%

Initial Concept Planning

We had a detailed and long discussion to understand the requirements and to choose a short and sweet brandable name with domain name for the Authority website/blog. Our target was to find a short, brandable and rememberable name for which .com domain name is available and found LawZing.com

Development, Drafts & Revisions

The first draft was loved by everyone. We discussed and finalised a structure and started adding content. After testing, we applied to get a Google Adsense account and to all our surprise, it was approved in the first try. We drafted a marketing plan including SEO and Social Media Marketing.

Final Delivery

We started white-hat SEO and Social Media Marketing. Exactly 2 days prior to estimated date of delivery, LawZing.com was delivered and launched…

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Strong Foundation

We discussed and planned everything before starting the project. The deep and long discussion with the client gave us clear understanding of their requirements. Thus the LawZing.com was developed with passion and determination.

Excellent Results

The strong foundation laid for the LawZing.com gave fruitful results quickly. LawZing got indexed by Google in a day,  approved by Google Adsense exceptionally faster and started making money within few days of launching…